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- Create a new database.
- Edit config.php file and set the values...
- Upload Files to your server/hosting.
- Run installation
- Delete installation file (install.php).
- Customize the site logo from the logo PSD file in "PSD" folder and put the new logo in png format under "img" folder.
- Put advertising codes in files ads/header.php and ads/footer.php
*** >>> Changelog <<< ***
V 2.0 (3 Jan 2009)
Improved site layout.
Added category pages.
Improved script speed using CURL.
Added torrents for games and music on home page.
V 1.0 (17 Sept 2010)
Can get you thousands of pages indexed in Google.
Fast loading valid HTML 4.01 Transitional design.
Fast real time search results.
SEO links and meta tags.

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