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Mini File Host is a free file hosting service script. It is modeled
after the many popular free file hosts like rapidshare
and megaupload. It is easy to set up and use and it
doesn't even require a MySQL database!
Notice: Before you create your own file host site,
make sure that you have the resources to! If you don't
have a lot of space and bandwidth, you shouldn't run
a file hosting service. If people upload files to your site and
your site is taken down, they won't be very happy.
Also make sure that it isn't against your host's
terms of service to run a file host.
How to install:
- edit config.php and set your own settings
- upload all files and folders
- CHMOD all of the .txt files to 777
- CHMOD the 'storage' folder to 777
- CHMOD the 'files' folder to 777
- Edit ads.php , bottomads.php and squareads.php according to your needs
- You're done! Enjoy your new file host!
Please Donate To Support The Project. We Do Not Charge Anything For The Script So Please Do It To Support Us.
How to customize:
- to edit the page layout, modify the header and
footer files
- to edit the main page, faq, and tos, edit the
page in the pages folder
For Any Type Of Support Please Visit Our Forum

Feel free to use this script in any way you'd like.
Go ahead and modify and customize it however you see
fit. Please Leave The Copyright Intact.
I'd appreciate it.

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