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Firerift Install Instructions
To ensure your installation goes smoothly, please follow the instructions below.
If you cannot get Firerift to install properly, take a look at this resource. You may need to change some settings depending on who your web host is.
If you need additional help or would like to watch a walk through on how to install, please visit the Firerift Screencasts page.
Step 1
Change the following directories to have the permissions of 777: "public/" , "upload/" , "feed/"
Change the following files to have the permissions of 777: "system/application/config/config.php" , "system/application/config/database.php" , "system/application/config/fr_config.php" , "system/application/extensions/geotag/public/js/maps_api.js"
Step 2
Ensure that the .htaccess file has the correct RewriteBase value. By default Firerift assumes it will be installed in your root directory, and not in a sub directory. The .htaccess is setup this way by default. If you install Firerift into a sub directory you must change the .htaccess file. To do so, open the .htaccess file located in the root of the Firerift directory. Then change the value of the RewriteBase to reflect your sub directory structure.
For example, if you place Firerift into a sub directory called "mydirectory" that is located inside your root directory, you would change the RewriteBase to be: "/mydirectory/".
Step 3
Pull up the installer page at:
If you placed Firerift into a sub directory you would need to add that into the URL when pulling up the install page, ie:
Step 4
Once the installation is complete, DELETE the "install/" directory and all files contained inside of it from your server. Otherwise anyone could get into it and harm your system.
You should change the permissions on your "public/" directory back to be "755", to ensure your files are secure.
All web hosts are not created equal. Each one has their own server configuration, and this can cause problems if they do not handle different technologies in a standardized way. If you cannot access the Installer page you must change 1 line of code in the .htaccess file that comes with Firerift. Change the following line:
RewriteRule ^install/([^/]+)$ install/$1 [L,QSA]
Into this:
RewriteRule ^install/(.*)$ install/$1 [L,QSA]
You may need to add "index.html" at the end of the URL in order to access the Installer.

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